KIS Publishing LLC Announces Success of Visual Communication Analysis in School’s Special Ed Classes

Visual Communication Analysis is a new teaching method developed for students with autism that enables any special education student to achieve goals in weeks instead of years.

San Diego, CA, November 15, 2017 – KIS Publishing LLC announced today that Visual Communication Analysis (VCA), a multi-dimensional nonlinear teaching technique that is customized for each individual student while also working to build their self-esteem, has resulted in considerable progress made in special education classrooms in the South Bay Union School District.

In January 2017, South Bay began piloting VCA in teacher Javier Montes’ classroom, which is comprised of students with various special needs. “My students are not only engaged in learning for much longer than usual, they are also retaining more information” said Mr. Montes. He also acknowledged that “many of my students, including some of the most severely impacted ones, are meeting goals that we have worked on for years in a matter of days and weeks.”  Dalia Shkedy, the Director of Education at KIS Publishing, said that she “was surprised at the speed at which students without autism progressed. We expected the students with autism to make huge gains, but the results of the other students were phenomenal.”

Superintendent Katie McNamara is thrilled by the progress. “As a result of the pilot, we are expanding the program to benefit even more students.”  Each of the district’s special education teachers, aides and speech therapists have completed VCA training and since the beginning of the school year have begun implementing VCA in their classrooms. “So far each of the teachers who have implemented VCA, has seen similar results in their classrooms.”

VCA was developed to teach nonverbal students with severe autism who, for example, could not identify the letters A, B and C after three to five years of therapy.  VCA was first implemented at the Alternative Teaching Strategy Center, where students with severe autism are taught to type independently and learn elementary mathematics and science. In the five years since it was founded, approximately 65% of the students at the center have become more verbal, an achievement for the Center.

VCA was developed by Dalia Shkedy. She unintentionally started the process 12 years ago when her nine-year-old nonverbal son with severe autism was declared to have the IQ of a six-month old baby. Mrs. Shkedy remarked that “After just two years, my son Ethan was at the sixth grade level. Today, even though he is still nonverbal, Ethan is studying high school algebra, statistics, physics, economics, history, and more. “

About KIS Publishing LLC:

KIS Publishing specializes in the creation of educational software for teaching students in special education. The company is the developer of Visual Communication Analysis, a technique that is changing the way students are taught. The company’s goal is to enable every student to succeed by creating the right teaching techniques and tools. Keep It Simple (KIS) is their motto.

About the South Bay Union School District:

The South Bay Union School District proudly serves over 7,500 students in Imperial Beach, San Ysidro, and south San Diego. The District is comprised of twelve campuses, including nine K-6 schools, two K-8 charter schools, and one Preschool. South Bay offers several specialized programs including Dual Language, Instrumental Music, Visual and Performing Arts, and a STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) Academy.

About the Alternative Teaching Strategy Center:

Alternative Teaching Strategy Center is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that provides one-on-one services to children and adults with autism in San Diego. The Center was the first organization to utilize Visual Communication Analysis and has helped many students with severe autism from all over the world learn how to communicate and make academic progress.


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