A Personalized Approach To Learning

Each person has a unique learning style and level of capability and therefore benefits from customized tools, materials, and teaching methods in order to accommodate them. The KIS  technique combines all of these into an easy-to-use system that can be utilized by teachers to teach their students.


Learning is a collaborative process. A student's success depends on having a strong support team as well as a customized curriculum.  Our experienced trainers and technology experts work together with each school to empower each teacher to be the pillar of that support team.  The aides and Speech Therapists are also trained in our techniques so that everyone becomes a part of the support team.  A strong partnership and excellent communication between parents and teachers gives the parents confidence in the process and ensures a successful learning experience for the student.

Our trainers are passionate about teaching, especially teaching special needs students. The support team provide training and feedback so teachers can develop the necessary skill to be confident guides and coaches for each of their students. The ultimate goal is to have each teacher certified in  Visual Communication Analysis™and trained in the Agile Teaching approach.


The cornerstone of our approach is the creation of a personalized curriculum. We help the teacher create a unique curriculum specific to each student that incorporates their home environment. For many students that includes using photos of their family members and the objects that are found in their homes.

A personalized curriculum also means adapting the presentation of material in a manner that motivates each student. For example, some students are excited to count chocolate ice cream cones while others are excited by counting cars. We train the teacher to use their observations  as well as real time data to modify the curriculum as the student progresses.

The goal is to create an environment where the student succeeds and thereby builds their self-esteem. It is this feedback loop that allows the student to keep learning and keep  building self-esteem. Success breeds success. Unlike other programs that focus on the student's weaknesses as the area of focus, we focus on utilizing the student's strengths to create learning momentum.